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  • Extend Your Wardrobe
  • Functional & Fashionable
  • Virtually Undetectable
  • Easy On / Easy Off
  • Clothing Hangs Perfectly…
    Every Time!
Slingbacker Solution

The Slingbackers Story

Wear your slingback shoes with confidence!

As with many women, I LOVE shoes... specifically, I adore slingback shoes! I invented Slingbackers™ after continually being frustrated at not being able to wear my favourite sexy slingbacks with my jeans for a night out or to work because my pants would get stuck inside the heel of my shoe. I would be moving and constantly pulling my pants out from within my heel. It drove me crazy, so, I limited my wear of slingback shoes and resorted to the traditional pump or... just changed outfits. I figured if I was having this problem, there were women everywhere who’s wardrobes were limited because of this same issue.

Finally, after hundreds of prototypes and designs, Slingbackers™ came to life. Slingbackers™ now gives women the confidence and freedom to wear their favourite slingback shoes anywhere and look picture perfect, every time!