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  • Extend Your Wardrobe
  • Functional & Fashionable
  • Virtually Undetectable
  • Easy On / Easy Off
  • Clothing Hangs Perfectly…
    Every Time!


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Quick & Easy to Wear

1Slide loop end (A) up and around the base of the heel.

2Wrap loop end (B) up, under and around the inside of your slingback shoes strap.

2Stretch (B) loop completely around and underneath the heel, positioning Slingbackers™ to the outer sides of the shoe.

4With foot now in shoe, adjust tension and position, by placing Slingbackers™ into a comfortable “V” shape centering around shoe strap. When adjusting, make sure (C) is positioned between your heel and base of the shoe, smoothing out the Slingbackers™ edges and tension as needed.

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